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A complete and fundamental textbook for men and women that includes play-by-play, color commentary, interview technique, game preparation, and much more.

Play-By Play Sportscast Training by Al Epstein and Lou Riggs is a dynamic 123-page book for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals. This textbook prepares you for a radio or television broadcast career. It is for anyone interested in play-by-play or sportscasting in general.

Whether you're just starting or you're an experienced sportscaster, PBP-ST will strengthen and broaden your sportscasting fundamentals and skills.


This easy-to-read 123-page text involves five phases making it simple for you to understand the fundamentals of play-by-play, commentary, interview technique, game preparation and much more. You'll also have the opportunity to have your tapes, CDs, and DVDs critiqued by professionals.

Phase I: Details fundamentals of play-by-play sportscasting---leading you through the basics of how to broadcast a game, objectives of the announcer, and illustrations of "how to call" a game.

Phase II: A complete presentation and development of play-by-play broadcast delivery--- presents a "survival kit" for the play-by-play broadcast. Emphasis is placed on preparation, delivery, energy, pacing, enunciation, and phrasing.

Phase III: Guidelines for the interview and interviewer---in this phase, the interview and interviewer technique is developed in great detail: preparation, how to "ask the question," what kinds of questions to ask, how to "control" the interview, and being a good listener.

Phase IV: A discussion of advanced play-by-play techniques and delivery---shows the preparation of your sports boards, how to work with a commentator, how to prepare pre-game, half-time, and post-game shows, and how to set and re-set the stage for the broadcast.

Phase V: Putting it all together---gives a basic overview of the entire course: the basic elements of a good broadcast---preparation, delivery and energy. It also discusses the "first job," and how to prepare an audition tape, resume, and cover letter.

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Instructors, Teachers, and School Department Heads

If you are an instructor, teacher, and/or school department head, "you make the call" to use this textbook in your classroom. This easy to read 123 page book is for men and women who are interested in sportscasting and/or broadcasting.

This is an ideal course text that structures the class with assignments after each phase. Plus, you can contact Alan or Lou for input regarding the step-by-step course, including the written and audio/video tests.  We will assist you in anyway.

 Some of our clients include Santa Monica College, Columbia School of  Broadcasting, SCA, Fox Sports advisory class, and many more.

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