Play-by-Play Sportscast Training

A Complete and Fundamental Text for men and women that includes play-by-play, color commentary, interview technique, game preparation, and much more.

Table of Contents

Phase 1

What is Play-By-Play?/Our Goals For the Sportscaster/Objectivity in Sportscasting/Styles-Play-By-Play Announcers/Fundamentals of Play-By-Play/Sports Board Preparation/General Play-By-Play Examples/Highlights of First Phase/Your Goals for Phase One/Assignment for Phase One

Phase 2

Football, Basketball, and Baseball Sports Board Examples/How to Prepare/Working with the Coach/From Pace to Preparation/General Broadcast Problems/Survival Kit/Color Commentator/Review/Assignment For Phase Two

Phase 3

The Interview and Interviewer/Ask the Question/Sideline Game Interview/Pre-Game, Half-Time, and Post-Game Interview/Studio Interview/Interview Technique/Structure of the Interview and Show/Interview Do's and Don'ts/Interview Environment/Sports Show Broadcast/Assignment For Phase Three

Phase 4

Handling Mistakes in a Broadcast/Working with your Partner/The Don'ts of the Color Commentator/Point of Reference during the Broadcast/The Open of a Broadcast/The Pre-Game, Half-Time, and The Post-Game Shows/The "Theme" for the Game Broadcast/Energy in the Broadcast/The Survival Kit/General Thoughts/Highlights/General Play-By-Play Examples/Your Goals of Phase Four/Assignment For Phase Four

Phase 5

The Audition Tape/Your Resume/Resume Example/The Complete Broadcast---An Overview/Broadcast radio/Internet Equipment/Equipment Problems in a Radio Broadcast/The Future of Play-By-Play Sportscasting/General Thoughts/The Audition Tape "Package"/Cover Letter (Sample)/Your Phase Five Assignment


Your Critique and PBPST Instruction


Again, welcome to Play-By-Play Sportscast Training.  This is a comprehensive and informative text on play-by-play, color commentary, interview technique, game preparation, and much more. We think you will enjoy the book.

PBPST is also offering a written and oral (audio) critiques of your play-by-play,color commentary, and/or interview work.  The cost for this comprehensive review is only $45.00 per tape.  We feel this is an invaluable help in developing your sportscasting skills.  The critiques address your strengths, areas you need to improve, and much  more.

Your critique, listened and reviewed by working professional sportscasters, will include a complete written review;  a 6-8 minute audio (cassette) critique of your work; and a self-critique sheet.

Instructors, Teachers, and School Department Heads


If you are an instructor, teacher, and/or school department head, "you make the call" to use this textbook in your classroom. This easy to read 123 page book is for men and women who are interested in sportscasting and/or broadcasting.

This is an ideal course text that structures the class with assignments after each phase. Plus, you can contact Alan or Lou for input regarding the step-by-step course, including the written and audio/video tests.  We will assist you in anyway. Some of our clients include Santa Monica College, Columbia School of  Broadcasting, SCA, Fox Sports advisory class, and many more.

For more information about using Play-By-Play Sportscast Training in your classroom, contact us at